Boards and Committees

Thunder Bay 50th Anniversary Steering Committee

We're turning 50!

The most fun you can have on a City of Thunder Bay Committee.  Pulling together how we want to acknowledge and celebrate our history over the last 50 years.  

Committee of the Whole - Community Services - 2018 to present


Chairing committee of the whole Community Services meetings.  

Northern Ontario Municipal Association - 2018 to present

Board Member

Working with the Northern Ontario Municipalities on shared interests and resources.  

Intergovernmental Committee - 2018 to present


Lobbying and working with other levels of government to benefit our city. 

The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board - 2014 to present

Board of Director

The TBDSSAB Board of Directors consists of fourteen Members who are elected officials.  Board members are chosen by their own municipal councils to serve on the Board to represent areas defined in the District Social Services Administration Board Act, Reg 278/98 as amended by O. Reg 109.17.   
Our Board meets monthly to conduct business relating to Social Services for our District that includes 15 member municipalities.
TBDSSAB welcomes the presence of our communities at its monthly Board Meetings. It is hoped that by doing so we can better serve the District social service needs as well as keep the public informed of current initiatives and activities within the organization.
In addition, open Board meetings promote an understanding of the role of TBDSSAB in the District of Thunder Bay and emphasize the responsibilities of the Board of Directors in its decision-making process.

Community Communications Committee - 2014 to present


This committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council for the implementation of communication strategies and tools.  New webdesign, Pingstreet, community engagement are just some of the things that this committee oversees.  This committee meets monthly to discuss and recommend strategies to council. 

Audit Committee - 2014 to present


Exactly what this sounds like.  The Audit Committee meets four times a year with the auditors to review the financial integrity of the city. 

Recreation and Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee - 2017

Steering Committee Member

The Recreation and Facilities Master Plan is considered a strategic planning document providing a framework for future investment over a 12-15 year horizon into facilities, programming and services for City recreation.

The plan provides recommendations regarding older adult, youth, community centre and indoor / outdoor recreation facilities. This Plan was presented to City Council as a First Report on Nov. 14, 2016 and returned for approval on Jan. 16, 2017. The Plan is now in its implementation phase with focus on a number of immediate recommendations.

Age Friendly City Services Action Plan - 2017

Working Group Committee Member

In response to the barriers identified in the internal audit, a five year Age Friendly Action Plan was developed to address the needs of older adults, and to provide opportunities for older adults to live in a safe environment and to participate in activities of their choice, whether recreational, social and/or intergenerational. This five-year plan was approved by City Council as Committee of the Whole on June 22, 2015.

The City also supported the Age Friendly Thunder Bay Steering Committee in its successful application for an Age Friendly Planning Grant of $50,000 from the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat for development of a community-wide plan by March 2017.

This Action Plan is related to actions that are the City's responsibility and does not address community wide actions that may also need to be taken to achieve a fully Age Friendly community.

Crime Prevention Council - 2014 to 2018


The Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council provides advice to City Council on the development of an inclusive Safety and Crime Prevention Plan and contributes to its implementation.


Thunder Bay is a safe and welcoming city.


To engage the community in the task of preventing crime, increasing safety and security, and fostering the well-being of everyone in Thunder Bay.



  • Believe effective action is based on knowledge, research and experience.

  • Prevent crime through addressing its root causes.

  • Build on the strengths and capacities of our communities.

  • Collaborate with our communities on solutions and actions.

  • Include a diversity of voices.

  • Value respect and compassion in our attitudes and actions.

  • Believe everyone has responsibility for making the city safe and welcome.

Community Economic Development Commission - 2014 to 2018

Board of Director

The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) is governed by an independent Board of Directors. The members serve for a four-year term. The Commissioners receive formal proposals on projects that will contribute to economic development. They are empowered to respond quickly to new opportunities, enabling the undertaking of new initiatives, and attracting direct financial involvement from other levels of government and/or the private sector.

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